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Are you in pain?

Get the relief you deserve
without drugs or surgery.

Our clinic's approach is to provide complementary
therapies which work effectively alongside conventional medicine, specialising in Low Level Laser Therapy
and Amatsu Therapy.

Amatsu Therapy
Laser Therapy

Low Level Laser Therapy

Amatsu Therapy

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Low Level Laser Therapy or Amatsu Therapy can relieve
your discomfort or pain.

For more information about the treatments we provide please click on the images above
or for information on what to expect from your visit to Bercol Therapeutics please click here.

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)  €50 per treatment (between 15 minutes to 40 minutes)

Amatsu Physical Therapy  €60 per session (between 45 minutes to 75 minutes)

Amatsu and LLLT Combined Treatment is €80 (aprox. 1 hour and 30 minutes)



For a consultation contact us now on:

086 276 3168

or email: info@bercoltherapeutics.com